Boarding Junior Program

“Boarding Junior” is an elite player development programm.                           Our elite group is made up of a handfull of selected players with the goal-oriented attitude.                                                                              High School and College Teams enjoy year round specialized training sessions.

Elite Player development include:                                                            1. 24h adult supervision                                                                         2. individualised training programs based on test results                              3. yearly periodized training and tournament plan                                      4. individual coaching and stroke correction                                             5. 6h high quality trainingsprogramm                                                         6. 45min. daily private lessions                                                                 7. ATP / WTA / ITF tournament program available                                        8. training and tournament log                                                                 9. nutrition advice                                                                                10. mental toughtness                                                                            11. individual physical training

The boarding programm is limited up to 16 players                       

Boarding Team with Australian Junior Team in Hamburg-Niendorf