Profile Guestan Geznenge

- University Studies                                                                           - B-Trainer/German Tennis Federation                                                   - Cheftrainer at the NTSV-Tennis since 19 years                                    - Founder of the GGT & Co und Special Organisation in 1985                     - Founder of the NTSV-CUP Junior                                                       - Founder of the ITF-Tournament Hamburg                                            - Initiator of the Cooperation between Hamburg-Australia and USA             - several times accreditated Coach at the Grand Slams in his own               Organisation.”Australien Open, French Open, Wimbledon und US Open”     - 1989 he organised by his own initiative for the first time junior World Tennistournament trip, with 20 junior participants from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. This trip was unique in this form in whole of Germany   


Closing remarks:                                                                           Dear players,                                                                          Without many words, we want to inform you that with our conceptions we are able to help you in your development to attend your career on condition that you bring prerequisite the way you want to go.                  We are ready to help you and our work shows you that we are having everything necessary to provide your professional support.

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