Professional Travelling Team

Success and winning is the reward for this rigoros programm. You will learn by doing.  The yearly training schedule is as follows:

1. 15 weeks practice at the GGT center                                                           2. 25 weeks of tournament travel, devided into 6 times 4 weeks sessions                    participating in futures, satellites and challenges.                                            3. 6-8 additional European open and price money tournaments

Under the professional guidance your level of tennis will be assessed and corrected in a manner that allows rapid measured improvement.                                         

The Programm is limited up to 8 players

Down here a few pictures of our world trip are following to provide a small impression of our work. At this point we want to thank Peter Paterna the senator of the Federal Republic of Germany and member of the NTSV Tennis department, where Guestan Geznenge is working as a cheftrainer since 19 years.                   Addiotionally we want to thank the Siemerns Company-Germany and Phillips for their strong supportage. And of course we also want to thank all other patrons that don`t want to be named.

Without their sponsorship it would not have been possible to fulfill our efforts.

Photo date preparations for the world trip (1989)

We went on a 5 weeks trip with the aim of international and ITF Tennis tournaments.

Sabine Hass was the only winner at this tour and among the boys Alexander Lang and Patrick Wagner were successfull in the double.

On the picture below you can see Claudia Timm, Patrick Wagner and other top Players from (surround) Hamburg.

Meeting point Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel at the day of departure

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GGT Team at morning warm-ups in Sorrento-Perth Australien

In Scouborough Beach

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